Case Number: 2023-003167 (Urgent)

In Federal Pro Bono Program

A former inmate filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging he was denied medical care in violation of the 8th Amendment. Specifically, he claims he complained of severe joint pain from 2016 to when he filed his complaint in 2021. He states he submitted multiple kites requesting to see a doctor, but did not see a doctor in the prison and was not examined by a nurse practitioner until 2020. Based on that visit, he was given prescription medication to address the pain, two knee braces, and an elbow brace. He was then referred to an orthopedic specialist and for x-rays. He had not seen the specialist as of the filing of the complaint on 10/8/21. He submitted multiple grievances because of the lack of medical care and they were denied. He also experienced an infection that resulted in going to the emergency room because the prison staff did not provide the emergency care he requested through emergency kites. He is seeking an attorney to represent him in his case through the Federal Pro Bono Program. Next Hearing(s)/Deadline(s): Dispositive Motions were due by 4/17/2023 and proposed Joint Pretrial Order was due by 5/17/2023. A Motion to Extend Time was filed on 4/17/23 by Defendant and nothing else filed. 

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