Case Number: 2023-002902

In Abuse/Neglect Cases - Children's Attorneys Project

A group of siblings, ages 4-year old, 1-year old and 6-month old came into DFS custody due to allegations of physical risk and inadequate supervision. The parents have history of domestic violence, during the last incident, the father hit mother with a closed fist striking her in the eye, while brandishing a gun. The parents wrestled over the gun, which ultimately discharged resulting in father sustaining a gunshot to his leg thigh. The children were in the immediate vicinity during the altercation. The mother continues to remain in a relationship with the father, putting the children at risk of harm. The parents lack stable housing and income to provide for the basic needs of the children. At this time, these minor children are in need of an attorney to represent their legal wishes and rights as to permanency, placement, visitation, and to ensure appropriate services are in place. Next Hearing(s): Review Hearing on 08/22/2023 at 3:30 pm in Courtroom 10.

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