Case Number: 2023-002227

In Immigration

Client entered the U.S. on 12/07/2022 and is seeking asylum.  She is from Iran and speaks English. She was a PhD student in Iran. She is not a practicing Muslim. She began being persecuted in 2018 for her anti-Muslim beliefs. She has been attacked by the police for not wearing the hijab correctly. She has also been arrested for protesting the mistreatment of women in October of 2022. She was in hiding and her home was searched. They found books against Islam and the current political regime. Since they couldn’t find her, they found her sister and arrested her. The government has threatened to kill her sister if she doesn’t return to Iran. She has evidence of her involvement in protests and a statement regarding harm to her sister if she doesn’t return. There is no court hearing date yet but she is in deportation proceedings. At this time, she needs and attorney to represent her in the immigration proceedings and apply for asylum or whatever immigration pathway the attorney recommends.

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