Case Number: 2023-000843

In Federal Pro Bono Program

An inmate at Florence McClure Correctional Center alleges that she completed a high school equivalency/GED certificate which should have entitled her to 60 days of credit toward her sentence. She also completed food handling safety classes titled ServSafe for which she alleges she should have been given credit for 30 merit days per state law. Upon learning that her sentence had not been reduced by the appropriate amount, she filed a grievance. Filing a grievance resulted in ‘severe retaliation’ which then escalated to a Notice of Charges. She was subsequently denied parole and believes it was due to the extreme character damage resulting from the retaliation and Notice of Charges. As a result, she filed a civil rights case alleging 1st Amendment retaliation and 14th Amendment due process violations and is seeking an attorney through the Federal Pro Bono Program. Next Deadline(s): Plaintiff has no upcoming deadlines. Defendants’ Answers to Amended Complaint are due 4/1/2023. 

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