Case Number: 2022-017132

In Federal Pro Bono Program

An inmate at Ely State Prison is suing multiple Defendants for events that took place while he was incarcerated at Ely State Prison. As of November 2021, he reports he resided in strict solitary isolation. Because of his placement in administrative segregation, he was subject to restrictions on daily activities, jobs, showering time, visitation, phone usage, and commissary options. These conditions caused him to suffer mental anguish, and he attempted suicide on several occasions. He claims he can no longer multitask or hold a conversation for longer than forty-five minutes and he experiences “quick mood displacement,” crying often. During the week of November 20, 2021, client informed prison personnel that he needed yard time. Then, during the week of December 2, 2021, client again asked several times for yard rights. Despite his requests, he did not receive an adequate level of 1-hour exercise yard daily. He submitted kites and grievances about these issues. He reports that he asked to have a hearing on his placement in solitary confinement. He filed a 1983 case alleging a 14th amendment due process claim, 8th amendment conditions-of-confinement claim, and an 8th amendment deliberate indifference to his mental health needs claim. He  is in fear of retribution and believes his life is in imminent danger due to consistent harassment and threats. He is seeking monetary and injunctive relief. He would like representation through the Federal Pro Bono Program. Next Deadline(s): “First Amended” complaint due on 2/16/2023. 


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