Case Number: 2022-011700

In Federal Pro Bono Program

Stephen, an inmate at Ely State Prison, alleges the warden at High Desert State Prison authorized the use of a chemical agent to assist in extracting an inmate from a cell close to his own when he was in custody there in July 2020. He alleges the chemical agent seeped into his cell and caused him injuries to his nose and throat, blurred vision, and burnt skin. He lost his eyelashes because of it. He was taken to shower four hours later and given skin ointment by the pill-call nurse, but claims he never received an eye wash, respiratory exam, or any other medical attention for his injuries. As a result, he filed a federal complaint alleging violations of the Eighth Amendment. He is seeking representation through the Federal Pro Bono Program. Next Deadline(s): No deadlines at this time.

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