Case Number: 2022-009943

In Abuse/Neglect Cases - Children's Attorneys Project

Two siblings, ages 9 and 6 years old came into DFS care in June 2022.  A filed report came to the Department of Family Service’s attention as the children’s whereabouts where unknown in the past week, and having been seen sleeping in their car.  The mother took the minor children from the grandfather’s house and refused to provide her location.  There are concerns about the mother’s mental health and concerns of substance abuse.  Attempts to contact father have been unsuccessful.  Sibling group ages 10, 8, 7 and 5 years old came into DFS care on May 7, 2022 due to mother’s drug use and abandonment and maltreatment and abuse by father..  Mother has an extensive history of drug use involving methamphetamine and heroin, which compromises her ability to care for the children.  Mother has admitted she uses drugs to cope with daily stressors and to escape her emotional pain.  Mother has had not contact with the children or has failed to provide financial or other support to the children in about 2.5 years.  Mother is homeless with her boyfriend.  Father has subjected the children to harmful behavior that is terrorizing, degrading, painful or emotionally traumatic. Children are fearful of residing in the home due to father’s violence.  Father has threatened to kill everyone in the home. As a result, these children are in need of an attorney to represent their legal wishes and rights as to permanency, placement, visitation, and to ensure appropriate services are in place. Next Hearing(s): Plea Hearing on 7/13/2022 at 10:00 am in Courtroom 13.

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