Case Number: 2022-008202 (Urgent)

In Guardianship

A very sweet and smart 2.5-year-old boy has been living with his grandparents/petitioners his whole life. He was born substance-exposed and diagnosed with multiple STDs as his mother never received pre-natal care. She herself has a substantial and tragic CPS history. She was prostituted by her mother and kept in dog cages. She was adopted by petitioners at the age of 13, but then ran away at the age of 16 to return to her biological family, who evaded the police. Despite this history and this little boy’s traumatic entrance into the world, CPS took a look at this case and decided that, if mom consented to a 6 month temporary guardianship, they would drop the case. As soon as CPS was out of the picture, his mother reverted to her old ways and left him with her petitioners to return to her boyfriend. She is believed to be actively abusing substances and has serious untreated mental health issues stemming from the extreme trauma she experienced in childhood. There are a lot of other issues too – mom regularly drives impaired and without a license, she frequently shoplifts, and she has made death threats against her adoptive parents. At the citation hearing on 4/28/22, the boy’s mother showed up to object to the guardianship. Judge Gentile granted a temporary guardianship and explained to the mother the pros and cons of objecting versus consenting. She gave the mother until 5/3/22 to file a formal objection or she will grant the guardianship. The mother filed an Objection on 5/3/22 and therefore an investigator was appointed and an evidentiary hearing scheduled. As a result, this child is in need of an attorney to represent his wishes and rights as a proposed protected person. Next Hearing(s): Return Hearing re Investigator’s Report on 6/29/2022 at 10:30 am in Department E.

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