Case Number: 2022-008166 (Urgent)

In Abuse/Neglect Cases - Children's Attorneys Project

A 6-year-old girl and her siblings came into DFS care in March 2019 because they were homeless and their mother lacked income and resources. This case is specific to only the 6-year-old. The mother also had untreated mental health disorders and exhibited neglectful and harmful parenting behaviors. The mother was determined a “flight risk” because she has been involved with child welfare departments in multiple states and jurisdictions and has run with the kids to avoid removal. Since 2019, the goal of reunification has shifted to TPR after multiple failed in-home placements/visits and repeated indications of the mother’s inability to change her behavior and improve her parenting and protective capacity. Most recently, in 2022, the mother had unsupervised visits in the community and in her home, then was granted in-home overnight visits. During the first overnight visit, she had an unsafe male paramour in the home with the kids and allegedly told the kids to keep it a secret. She also was reportedly unable to manage the children’s behaviors and was verbally abusive to them. The 6-year-old desires to stay with her foster parents and have visits with her mother. DFS decided to move forward with Motion to Terminate Parental Rights in March 2022.  There was a hearing on June 3, 2022 in which the court ordered overnight visitation starting at one time per week and increasing to two times per week with the 6-year-old and her oldest sibling. A CASA report filed on June 24, 2022 indicates continued concerns with the mother’s ability to care for the children. At this time, the 6-year-old girl is in need of an attorney to represent her legal wishes and rights as to permanency, placement, visitation, and to ensure appropriate services are in place for her to thrive. Next Hearing(s): Trial/Review Hearing continued to 8/1/2022 at 1:30 pm in Courtroom 12.

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