Case Number: 2022-007266

In Consumer Fraud

Mark purchased a 2003 Hummer for $13,000 and made his monthly payments on the 20th of every month until February 2022. When he purchased the vehicle, he understood the price to be $9500, which was the price of the vehicle the dealership advertised online. It was not until he had signed the contract that he noticed the price had changed to $13,000. He argued with the salesman and then eventually paid a down payment and financed the rest. In February 2022, he had three more payments left and he could not make that month’s payment, so he contacted the dealership. He made the payment for February on March 9, 2022 with the late fee included. He then missed the March payment due date. The vehicle was repossessed on April 7, 2022 before he could make any additional payments. He called the dealership and informed them he was only 2 weeks late but they just told him he owed $3293.67 and sent him a letter with the breakdown. He also asked to retrieve his belongings from the vehicle and the dealership would not allow him to unless he paid the $3293.67. The contract for the vehicle purchase was in the car, so he has requested a copy of it via email. At this time, he would like an attorney to assist with a law suit for deceptive trade practice, illegal repossession, TILA violations, breach of contract, and anything else the attorney deems applicable.

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