Case Number: 2022-006513

In Federal Pro Bono Program

Since April 10, 2017, Harold has been housed at Southern Desert Correctional Center in cells that do not have fire sprinklers or smoke detectors. He has filed grievances about the issue, but his grievances have been denied. Prison officials are aware the individual cells do not have fire sprinklers or smoke detectors. Prison officials have told him the prison was built prior to building codes requiring sprinklers and that the current building code does not require sprinklers be installed until the next remodeling or addition to the building. He claims that, if a fire breaks out, there would be no way to extinguish the fire and he would burn. Based on these allegations, he claims that the Defendants have violated his Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights and is seeking an attorney through the Federal Pro Bono Program to assist him with his civil rights lawsuit.

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