Case Number: 2022-006492

In Federal Pro Bono Program

David, an inmate at High Desert State Prison, alleges he has suffered multiple heart attacks due to the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) and NDOC medical staff failing to provide the medical care and prescriptions necessary to prevent the heart attacks. In January 2018, he experienced his first heart attack.  He alleges that, despite his condition, he had to walk out of his cell and down the stairs because the responding medical team had no gurney and the strain of this caused him to collapse. He states he did not receive CPR from the medical staff when he collapsed until another officer came to the scene. Multiple prison officials stood by without performing CPR or other life saving measures. He had to be transported to Centennial Hills Hospital where he underwent surgery. He was prescribed specific medications and cardiac therapy and discharged back to the prison hospital. He alleges the officers transporting him did not take the required medication back to the prison despite knowing he needed it. When he asked for the medication from the prison physician upon returning to the prison hospital, he was told they had to order it and it would take a few days to get the medication. He did not receive medication until three days after leaving Centennial Hills Hospital and he had to return to that hospital to address chest pain he experienced. He was again advised to take the medication as prescribed to avoid another heart attack. He alleges medical staff did not give him his medication consistently over the next year and this caused multiple preventable incidents of heart failure. He alleges they failed to adequately respond when he had another incident of chest pain and shortness of breath ten months after the first incident, and he experienced another heart attack in 2019 and had to have another surgery. He filed multiple grievances because of the lack of medication and for the failure to respond to his medical complaints, and then he filed a 1983 claim alleging U.S. Constitution 8th Amendment violations and Nevada Constitutional violations. He is in need of an attorney to assist him with his case through the Federal Pro Bono Program.

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