Case Number: 2021-036131

In Appeals

Appellant’s Motion to Set Aside a default judgment that left her and other defendants liable for over $1.5 million was denied by the Eighth Judicial District Court. In the underlying case, Respondent filed suit against Appellant and others for alleged wrongdoings relating to a joint venture agreement involving real property. Respondent served Appellant via publication. When Appellant did not respond, Respondent obtained a default judgment against Appellant and the other defendants for an amount in excess of $1.5 million. One year later, Appellant moved to set aside the default judgment. She asserted that she was never served with the summons and complaint, only learned of the suit months after entry of the judgment, has a meritorious defense, and timely filed the motion for relief within 30 days of the notice of dismissal of her bankruptcy case under 11 USC 108(c)(2). The Motion to Set Aside was denied so she appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court and is seeking representation.

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