Case Number: 2021-035016

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A man living with AIDS alleges he is experiencing life-threatening complications of AIDS because he has been denied regular blood draws to check his viral loads and monitor his condition and Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) has impeded his ability to adhere to his HIV/AIDS medication requirements. While it is commonly acknowledged in the HIV/AIDS medical community that strict adherence to a medication regime is critical to control HIV viral loads and keep a person living with HIV as healthy as possible, he alleges he has to go a week every month without his medication because NDOC’s medication refill process in the prison since 2019 consistently leads to him running out of medication a week prior to the next supply arriving. In addition, HIV and the medications taken to control it require close monitoring of the individual’s viral load, kidney function, and other levels through blood draws. In his case, he states he needs a blood draw every three months but has not had one in two years. He filed a 42 U.S.C. 1983 claim as a result alleging 8th Amendment violations. This individual is seeking representation through the Federal Pro Bono Program so he can get the medical care he needs to survive.

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