Case Number: 2021-032352

In Consumer Fraud

Client, a homeowner in Las Vegas, alleges he is a victim of a property scam and lost title of his property as a result. In 2021, the opposing party knocked on the his door and promised assistance with a government grant to help the client catch up on his past-due mortgage. The client did not sign any written agreement. The opposing party set up an inspection supposedly to ensure the client’s property qualified for the government grant. After the inspection, the client decided to resolve the issue on his own and reached out to his mortgage servicer. The mortgage servicer put the client’s loan forbearance, fixing his outstanding mortgage issue. He also resolved HOA debt he had accumulated by working out a payment plan with the HOA. In October 2021, the client learned the opposing party recorded a deed removing the client as owner. The notary on the deed is from Illinois; the client has never been to Illinois, and the deed is a fake. The client filed a police report and a complaint with the Attorney General immediately. The opposing party sold the property to another person who also filed a complaint with the police and attorney general. The client needs an attorney to assist with a quiet title action and seek recovery from the opposing party.

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