Case Number: 2021-030506

In Federal

Plaintiff is an inmate at Lovelock Correctional Center and filed a 42 U.S.C. 1983 complaint alleging deliberate indifference to serious medical needs, a policy to callously delay or deny ordered treatment, and issues involving insufficient medial staffing at Lovelock Correctional Center. Plaintiff slipped in the shower and hit his head on the wall in May of 2017. This caused him pain, concussion-like symptoms such as nausea, spinning feeling/vertigo, confusion, shakes/tremors, slurred speech, and equilibrium issues. He alleges he was not seen for two months despite repeated requests for treatment, then he was given multiple medications that were ineffective so he was taken off the medications. He had an MRI done and did not receive the results until a year later and the results were inconclusive. It took a year for him to be approved to see a specialist for the medical issues. He was prescribed a new medication but was denied the prescribed medication. His condition has caused additional injuries. Plaintiff is seeking counsel through the Federal Pro Bono Program.

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