Case Number: 2021-020750 (Urgent)

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A man is living with unmanaged chronic pain because the medical staff at Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) allegedly ignored his requests for proper treatment and an annual exam while in the custody. In 2006, he was injured in a car accident that left him with chronic pain. He started pain management and underwent multiple tests in which surgery was deemed necessary, but he never received it. He became a CCDC inmate in 2010 and received medical care for his chronic pain until September 2015. Despite multiple requests to continue treatment and medication, he alleges he did not receive the care requested. In March 2016, CCDC and Naphcare allegedly removed him from “sick call” altogether without explanation and denied him an annual exam for his chronic pain. After submitting multiple grievances to the jail, he filed a 42 USC 1983 claim alleging Eighth Amendment cruel and unusual punishment and Fourteenth Amendment due process and equal protection violations. He is seeking counsel through the Federal Pro Bono Program.

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