Case Number: 2021-013798

In Landlord/Tenant

Client requests representation against a former landlord (opposing party, “OP”) who has sued her and served the Summons and Complaint on May 6, 2021. OP also filed an OSC for a writ of restitution. A hearing for the writ was continued until May 18, 2021, and client still needs to file an Answer by May 26, 2021.
OP is suing client for unlawful detainer (even though client moved out months ago), breach of contract and related claims. Client was behind on rent, but previously obtained CHAPs funds which were paid to OP. Client has already applied for additional CHAPs funds, but her application is pending. OP pursued eviction on the grounds that client did not have renter’s insurance. Client resided at the apartment for years without renters insurance and OP never previously attempted to evict her on that basis. Client wants the eviction dismissed because she is already out of the unit and her CHAPs application is pending.

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