Case Number: 2021-012783

In Landlord/Tenant

Client requests assistance with a dispute she has with a former landlord (opposing party, “OP”). She vacated a townhome in August 2019 because she could no longer obtain transportation to her health care providers. She is disabled and continues to need treatment for her condition. She states she provided OP with the necessary notice regarding her disability when she terminated her lease early. She paid for August 2019, but not September 2019, which OP is billing her for. OP is also billing her to replace flooring and carpeting. Client states the flooring and carpeting have normal wear and tear. Client wants to contest the bill and obtain her security deposit. The total balance owed, according to Landlord is approximately $3k. Client disagrees with these costs and tried to mediate a solution by contacting the Neighborhood Justice Center who referred her to contact LACSN.

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