Case Number: 2021-008688

In Civil

Client, a veteran, requests representation for a breach of contract claim for about $5,350 against the opposing party (OP). OP is a local trailer park. It sold Client a trailer for $1200 in December 2020. Client used his savings to purchase approx. $3,000 worth of materials and paid $1,150 in labor to private parties. However, OP only provided Client with a bill of sale- no title was given. Client reached out to MHD, which conducted an inspection shortly after and determined that the trailer is considered sub-standard. Client was told that OP should have never sold the trailer in a private sale and that the bill of sale is invalid. MHD also concluded that OP violated building codes due to the poor condition of the trailer (electrical, roof, hot water). Client states MHD gave OP a 90 day deadline to remedy the issues or destroy the trailer.
OP has offered to reimburse client for the $1,200 purchase price, but not Client’s other costs. Client needs help asserting his claim against OP and getting all his money back.

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