Case Number: 2021-005375

In Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

Client is 76 years old and would like to file a chapter 7.  She is retired and is receiving $1172.00 from Social Security, $148.00 from her Culinary Pension and $100.00 from family members.  She has a house with a value of $180,000.00 and a balance of $52,000.00.  She is current on the mortgage and would like to keep her house.  She does not have a vehicle.  Her debt is approx. $28,300.00 (not including the house).  Client states she was paying her daughter’s medical bills because she did not have health insurance and was very ill.  Last year her daughter passed away and she also paid for her funeral expenses. Her daughter retired in 2019 and did not make any changes to her expenses and fell behind on her bills.

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