Case Number: 2021-004108

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

Client seeks representation with a divorce. He filed both a divorce and custody complaint, but both were deemed non-conforming documents. He is unable to file on his own.
The parties were married in 2001, and separated in January 2021. The only significant community property is the marital home. They have no retirement benefits or other assets. Community debt includes chapter 13 BK filed in Minnesota in or around 2018. There are two minors, aged 14 and 11. Both children have been living with Client in Las Vegas.
Client seeks sole legal and physical custody of minors. He states that the opposing party (OP) suffers from severe mental health disorders, including delusions, and has been on 4 legal 2000 holds (2 in Los Angeles and 2 in Las Vegas), as well as an 11 day stay in a psychiatric hospital. OP accused Client of abusing his daughters, but CPS determined the claims are unsubstantiated (client has the documentation). Finally, client states he has been a victim of DV by OP. Client wants OP to obtain the medical help she needs, and he wants to keep his family safe.

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