Case Number: 2021-003261

In Civil

Client seeks assistance to stop a former residential landlord (LL) from harassing her. In 2020, Client and her disabled son resided in an apartment unit, wherein Client was the named tenant. The LL served a 30 day No Cause lease termination in October 2020. Client requested an additional 30 days due to her son’s disability, which the LL agreed upon. Client remained current on her rent for the duration of her residency. She and her son vacated the unit in early December 2020 pursuant to the termination notice provided to the LL.
However, squatters entered and remained in the unit immediately before Client vacated. Client’s disabled son allowed them to enter. The LL now demands that Client continue to pay rent due to the squatters’ refusal to leave. Yet, LL apparently has not served nor filed an unlawful detainer action against the squatters. Client wants the demands for payment and harassment by the LL to stop.

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