Case Number: 2021-002619

In Consumer Fraud

Client requests representation to assert a claim for the return of her vehicle. She is 76 years old and took her vehicle to the opposing party’s (OP) auto repair shop in preparation for selling the vehicle. She was originally told that the repairs would cost $2500, and when she asked for a discount, OP dropped the price to $2400. She did not receive a written estimate.
After two weeks at the shop, Client states the manager told her that she needed a new transmission, and that it would cost another $5,000. OP demanded payment of $2500 for repairing the fan belt, brakes, and the shifter. However, Client was under the impression that OP was going to repair the transmission for the $2500 and that the car would be fully operable and ready to sell. She does not want to pay the $2500 or the $5000, and would like to pick up the vehicle. She aims to find a used transmission and have another mechanic install it. OP will not allow her to pick up the vehicle unless she pays the $2500 for the work already completed.
Client already sent a certified demand letter to OP, but OP has not complied. She needs to engage counsel to help her get the vehicle returned.

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