Case Number: 2021-001681

In Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

Client is 60 years old and would like to file a Chapter 7. She is currently receiving $1172.00 from social security and $120.00 from food stamps. Client did file a chapter 7 in 2010 in CA which was discharged. She states she became ill and her hours were cut and her income was not enough to pay everything. Client does have 1 vehicle, which is paid in full, but did get a title loan (approximate balance is $394.00). Client does not have a house. Her dischargeable debt is approximately $83,000.00. She also owes the IRS approximately $54,000.00 and states she did not pay enough taxes. Client states she had back and brain surgery and is now disabled. She can no longer work and is not receiving the income she was receiving before. She would like a fresh start.

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