Case Number: 2021-000720

In Children's Attorneys Project (Abuse/Neglect Cases)

The child came into DFS care on January 3, 2021 as a priority with allegations of Physical Risk, and Inadequate Supervision against parents.  Mother was arrested for driving under the influence and failing a sobriety test while driving with her son in the car.  Mother and minor have been living with the Maternal Grandmother for the past 3 years.  Maternal Grandmother and Grandmother’s boyfriend informed agent that the mother took her son from the house while under the influence and they called the police to report the incident.  Father also is reported to have an alcohol problem as well as domestic violence issues with mother.  Mother’s drug use and inability to control her impulses pose a safety concern for minor.  Next hearing is a Review Hearing on 6/24/2021 at 10:45 am in Courtroom 12.

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