Case Number: 2020-019607

In Children's Attorneys Project (Abuse/Neglect Cases)

Baby girl came into DFS care on November 18, 2020 after DFS received a P2 report with allegations of physical risk of baby by her mother. Mom was admitted to Mountain View Hospital, she was living at Oasis but “grandfathered out”, she now lives with her maternal grand-mother per an Order from Judge Voy. Mom and grand-mother have prior history with CPS and mom is reported to have “violent tendencies”. Grand-mother fears that mom will harm baby girl. Mother admitted that she drank alcohol and smoked a blunt while pregnant with intent to kill the baby. Mother posted her attempt to kill her baby by drinking heavily while pregnant on Facebook. Screen shots of the Facebook posts were submitted to CPS by MGM. Mom has an extensive mental health history which has resulted in acute hospitalizations in Montevista, Desert Parkway, Spring Mountain Treatment Center and Desert Willow hospitals. She is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and Reactive Attachment Disorder.
Specialist on the case contacted natural father and paternal grand-mother at their residence; paternal grand-mother stated that they would not take placement of baby until Paternity has been established, although father signed the birth certificate. Father expressed that if he is proved to be baby girl’s father he will help with the minor. Father and PGM are relocating to Oregon. PGM disclosed that there is CPS history in the state of Oregon between father and herself. Mother’s mental health issues, lack of baby supplies or resources as well as alcohol and drug use seem to be the primary issues in this case. The child is currently placed in protective custody.  Next hearings are; Disposition Hearing 2/11/2021 at 1:00 pm and a Review Hearing on 5/13/2021 at 3:00 pm in Courtroom 14.

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