Case Number: 2020-010655

In Children's Attorneys Project (Abuse/Neglect Cases)

16 year old girl came into care in September 2020 after her biological father reached out to authorities to have her placed on a legal/mental health hold.  The father reported minor was a threat to herself and him; minor reported her father gets physically abusive when he tries to discipline her.  She has bipolar disorder, requiring medication and therapy.  Biological father refused to allow minor to return; Minor did not return.  Further, minor was adopted by her grandparents in Texas at a young age.  They are unwilling to take her back, and minor does not want to return to Texas. After coming into care, minor found a foster home with parents willing to adopt.  Those parents now have an open investigation of physical abuse involving two younger children. Minor wants to return to them, but is currently in a higher level of care home.  Next hearing is a Review Hearing on 8/4/2021 at 2:30 pm in Courtroom 10.

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