Case Number: 2020-008103

In Consumer Fraud

Disabled client took his car to be repaired and ended up paying $2,300 for repairs that were incomplete or faulty. He took the car to another mechanic for a diagnostic evaluation that verifies some of the client’s claims. The client is seeking assistance in resolving an ongoing issue with adverse auto repair. In May of this year, the client took his 1989 Dodge Ram for transmission issues to adverse. The applicant states that his car was inspected and worked on by their transmission specialist. The applicant and the opposing party agreed that the truck needed a new transmission and needed a new SMOG check for the DMV. Client paid $1500 with his card. Client states that after he paid the $1500 for the agreed work, they started asking him for more money and different parts (new motor, new motor mounts), telling him that they won`t warranty the work on transmission without those parts. They also told the client that he needed to buy the parts himself, and there would be a charge for the labor. After the applicant purchased the parts, they charged another $300 to install the parts (applicant has an invoice for the $300). Furthermore, they informed the client that the car would not pass the SMOG without a new carburetor, advised him on where to buy it, and what model. The applicant paid $100 more for the carburetor (he has an invoice). Once he spent the money, he could take the car out of the shop, only to discover that the vehicle was not shifting correctly. Once he parked the car on his driveway, he noticed all transmission fluid leaking all over the driveway. He called the opposing party, and they told him to bring the car back. He took the vehicle back, towing it, where it stayed for a few weeks. When he went to recover the car, he noticed the issues were still there, and they told him that the carburetor (the one they advised him to buy) was faulty. In total, the applicant states he paid $2,315 for repairs that weren’t done correctly and lasted for over four months. He states he took the car back home, the car is not working and is still leaking fluids on the driveway. He cannot use it. The applicant cannot afford to take his car to another shop for diagnosis or repairs.

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