Case Number: 2020-008059

In Consumer Fraud

Client currently receives monthly unemployment income of $1,704. No other sources of income or public assistance. Client is seeking assistance regarding an: auto repossession by a private seller which to place August, 2020.While searching on Facebook market place he noticed a car for sale.

He reached out to the opposing party, who is the private seller. The parties engaged in a conversation using Facebook messenger and text messages regarding there agreement for the sell and purchase of the car. Adverse did not appear to be associated as with a dealership.  Client made an initial down payment of $1,000 to take possession of the vehicle. The payment arrangement was agreed bi-weekly between an amount of $450 to $500 until paid in full within a two month time frame. The total purchase cost for the vehicle was $3,000. Client has made a total payment amount of $1,850 and has proof of payment through a cash app.

He insured the vehicle after taking delivery. August, 2020, the vehicle was repossess by adverse. A follow up text message, basically stated that since payment has not been made per the agreement a decision was made to take possession of the vehicle. Adverse further informed that the deal was off. Adverse has not returned the amount of money paid by the client.

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