Case Number: 2020-007290 (Urgent)

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

A 61-year-old woman initially came to Legal Aid Center in 2020 for assistance in a divorce case against her ex-husband whom she was married to for 31 years. They had been separated for five years and he lives in Oregon and she lives in Las Vegas. They do not have minor children. The opposing party is a construction consultant/superintendent and he has a large income. At the time, he was working a job in Mexico and kept telling her he did not want to divorce until his job is over in Mexico. She believes he was trying to buy time to hide his income and put assets in girlfriend’s name. With the assistance of a pro bono attorney through Legal Aid Center, she obtained a divorce from him in January 2022, which included alimony to her for four years. On June 27, 2022, he filed a Motion to Terminate Alimony due to health issues and being laid off from his job in May 2022. The client’s pro bono attorney filed an Opposition to Motion to Modify Alimony and Award Attorney’s Fees on 7/11/22 but is no longer able to continue on the case and therefore, this client needs an attorney to assist her in defending against the Motion to Terminate Alimony. Next Hearing: Hearing on Defendant’s Motion to Terminate Alimony on 9/8/22 at 10 am in Department C. 

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