Case Number: 2020-006969

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

The parties were married for many years and had one child. Husband was sole breadwinner and handled all the money. The wife believes he was making as much as $260K a year plus bonuses. The wife was a stay at home mom who took care of their child who had cancer, she has no significant work experience or assets.

The child ultimately passed away and the parties divorced. Almost as soon as they divorced, the parties began seeing each other again, the wife got pregnant, and they decided to remarry, The morning of the second weddings he husband forced the wife to sign a prenup/quitclaim disclaiming any interest in their nearly $1M home.

The parties separated in 2018 and are divorcing a second time. The husband is trying to claim the entirety of the house and avoid paying any alimony. The wife was working a low-wage job as a secretary for a roofing company but was laid off due to Covid and is now living on less than $300 a week unemployment. In addition to the financial issues, there are also disputes over custody. Trial is currently set for June 15 and they have a settlement conference on May 5.

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