Case Number: 2020-006885

In Federal

Plaintiff sues multiple defendants for events that occurred at High Desert State Prison (“HDSP”). On October 2013, client received a threat of bodily harm him from another inmate.  Plaintiff reported the threat to his unit (7 A/B) floor officer. On October 24, 2013, plaintiff participated in a “full classification committee” (“FCC”) meeting. (Id.). This FCC meeting was conducted by caseworker supervisor C. Leavitt with warden Neven in attendance. (Id.). At this meeting, plaintiff completed a “central monitoring system” (“CMS”) form which listed inmate as being added to plaintiff’s “enemy list.” (Id.). The effect of this form is to alert prison officials that plaintiff seeks protection from harm at the hands of this inmate . Plaintiff was led to believe that this inmate would be moved from unit 7/8 and plaintiff would be safely moved back in. (Id.).On the morning of February 11, 2014, plaintiff was staged with other inmates in the unit
7/8 yard, waiting for an escort to the education building. (Id. at 5). The inmate made an unauthorized exit from his cell into the yard. (Id.). John Does II and III are both responsible for this unauthorized exit. (Id.). Inmate  attacked plaintiff with stones, gravel, and his fists. (Id.). Plaintiff suffered various injuries, including a broken nose. (Id.). One of the supervisors  responded to the yard when this incident occurred. (Id.). As a result of the attack, plaintiff suffered extreme physical, emotional, and mental pain. (Id.).

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