Case Number: 2020-005111

In Children's Attorneys Project (Abuse/Neglect Cases)

Baby girlcame into DFS care on July 1, 2020. Mother has two older children who are currently wards of the Court and the permanency goal regarding those children is termination of parental rights and adoption. Mother tested positive for methamphetamine at the time of birth and later admitted that she had used methamphetamine throughout her pregnancy and as recently as three days before giving birth; mother was living in a room in an apartment of a friend she just met but was informed that she would need to leave within a week. Mother advised that she has located an apartment but has not yet signed a lease; therefore,  lacks shelter to provide for the child.  Next hearing is a Disposition Hearing on 8/18/2020 at 1:30 pm in Courtroom 11.

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