Case Number: 2020-003396

In Domestic Violence

Applicant is seeking assistance for custody modification to sole primary. The parties have a 3 -year old daughter. Opposing party is on the minor’s birth certificate. There has been domestic violence and child protective issues, the issue has been closed. The reason for the separation is due to opposing party’s drug and violence issues. Applicant states that she has proof of the violence. Parties are residents of Las Vegas.  Next court date is 6/25/2020 at 9am, Motion for Order to Show Cause, Judge Brown. There is only one child that should be involved in the case, however, opposing party included the other two children from applicant’s previous marriage. The custody order for those children was made in Los Angeles.  She is seeking sole/primary custody because opposing party works 5 days a week and child is left with opposing party’s parents. She claims that his parents are unfit to watch the child. Opposing party wants joint/primary, applicant alleges it is because he wants to relocate child to California.

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