Case Number: 2020-003377

In Consumer Fraud

Hispanic female age 45 and also a single mother of 2 minor children. She is currently working part-time at a nursing facility. Client is low income and she’s receiving food stamp assistance in the amount of $519/monthly. She is not receiving child support.

She is seeking attorney representation to help transfer property title under her name and assistance with a QDRO after a Decree was granted on January 28, 2020 against opposing party.

Client states that opposing party, during the divorce process committed fraud by withdrawing the “Contractor Retirement Plan”. The plan had approximately $26k, which client was granted. Client was also granted child support, but has not received any payments. Client mentioned that after opposing party depleted the retirement plan and the decree was granted. The opposing party had been deported, because of the domestic violence. Client states she needs help with the QDRO.

Client was granted sole and separate property in the decree of divorce. The property is currently held as, wife and husband as joint tenants. Client needs help to properly transfer the title of property to her name.

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