Case Number: 2020-002196

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

Client receives social security income only. He is seeking Pro Bono assistance to file a complaint for divorce with no minor children. He was married to opposing party in Las Vegas, Nevada 15 years ago. The parties are still living within the same residence. Opposing party is not pregnant. He states he is seeking divorce because of incompatibility. The parties purchased a property while married in Las Vegas, NV. The property still has a mortgage loan and he would like to split the property 50/50. He would like to keep a car. Opposing party will keep a different car. Client states he does not have a retirement account, but opposing party does. He is seeking to be awarded opposing parties retirement account, but does not know the extent value of the retirement account. Currently the parties do not share a joint bank account. He is seeking alimony.

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