Case Number: 2020-002193

In Consumer Fraud

The client needs assistance with recovering $5k from Adverse. He purchased a mobile home from adverse for what he thought would  be $5k. He gave them cash, no receipt only a picture of the cash. Come to find out the $5k was just a deposit and the total sales price was actually $20k. The applicant agreed to make $300 monthly payments on a rent to own agreement. He does recall signing paperwork, he does have a copy of it all however he doesn’t understand it because it’s in English; his primary language is Spanish but he has a friend who translates for him, who was not able to assist. During the visual inspection the applicant noticed several issues such as exposed electrical wires, a gas tube in one of the bedrooms which he’s afraid could be hazardous, and no water heater. He requested to have all issues fixed, the adverse verbally agreed to do so upon the sale. The issues have not been fixed up to date, the applicant has even been heating his water on a stove to bathe. He asked adverse for his money back but instead they threatened to evict him unless he pays the agreed $300 / month for the purchase.

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