Case Number: 2020-001994

In Civil

Client is of age 53, single, employed with a monthly income of $2,000. He is income qualified.

Client, is seeking advice or representation after being served with a complaint on March 5, 2020. The complaint was filed because of a property boundary line dispute. The company is seeking punitive damages in the amount of $15,000.

According to the client, the property was purchased by  his father in December of 2005. During this time the client helped his father set up a wood fence. Client also claims that the neighbor who was the prior owner had also assisted in setting up the fence. About six months ago (2019) client replaced the old wood fence with a new one. The fence was placed exactly in the same property line as before. Client also noted that his father had passed away four years ago and his only sibling deceased in 2005. A Will/Trust was created by the client’s father appointing the client as the executor. The property title remains under the father as trustee of his separate property trust.

Property records show that the company had purchased the property in March of 2009. The company claims that the new fence is crossing over, trespassing and wrongfully intruding the company’s property. Taking hundreds of square feet and affecting the market and rental value, use, and occupation of the property, claiming that the client’s actions constitute for punitive damages.

The client, is unable to afford an attorney and would like assistance to file an answer to the complaint and representation in District Court.

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