Case Number: 2019-008197

In Consumer Fraud

Spanish speaking client is seeking assistance in obtaining his vehicle back, has suffered from 2 strokes and due to his health issues is not able speak very much.  He purchased a 2009 Cadillac Escalade in April 2019 from Volkswagen Auto Nation. Due to his health and not being able to communicate, his ex-girlfriend took advantage of the situation and listed herself as one of the registered owners on the vehicle. He found out she does not want to return it because she tells him that is her truck too. He went to the DMV to obtain the document that the vehicle is registered to him and he saw her name listed as well. He would like assistance in getting the vehicle back.  His ex-girlfriend is sending him threatening messages that if he tries to do something legally she will call immigration on him. She is also sending him pictures of her grandchildren with bruises saying  that he beat them. Client is worried because she is making false accusations so that she can stay with the truck.

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