This case involves an appeal from a child support ruling. This case was previously on appeal in Docket No. 79386-COA. The district court, on remand, was to determine whether child support remained at $0 a month or reverted back to $300 a month, which is what was initially set as the monthly amount in the decree of divorce. Appellant previously sought to modify physical custody and additionally sought to modify child support. Due to confusion on the issue, the court previously had temporarily set the child support payments to $0 a month while the issue was resolved. The district court examined this history on remand and determined that once the prior court had determined that there was no basis to modify the controlling support obligation, the amount should have reverted to $300. The district court clarified that the child support obligation reverted to $300 a month effective July 2019. Appellant now appeals that decision pro se. Respondent is also proceeding pro se.