Case Number: 2020-002845

Our client is a young CAP client who is under voluntary jurisdiction. She needs to complete another living will with her Pro Bono attorney,  since she is no longer with her husband. Unfortunately, she is not able to complete this until she is divorced. Our client married on 09/07/2019. In December 2019, she left her husband because he was not being faithful to her. Our client is a single mother and wants to be sure that her will is set up in case something happens to her. In her previous will, she had designated her husband as the person she would like to have custody of her daughter if something happened to her.

Case Number: 2020-002953

Applicant took his 1983 El Camino to adverse auto body and paint and was told it would take 4 weeks to repair ac and some wiring in the vehicle. The vehicle was in a fire and the insurance company paid out $3,200 and the body shop owner took it as payment. He asked for an additional week after the four weeks. He promised the car by the applicant’s birthday. He was upset when the car was not ready at that time and they started to argue. Applicant went to the shop and the owner told him the car would not run unless he was paid more and put his hands on his pistol when speaking to him.  Applicant filed a DMV complaint and owner was forced to release vehicle. Vehicle is now at a different repair shop. There are additional damages done to the car as revenge, there is scratched and other damages. Applicant posted on Social Media that people should not go to the first shop because they did not do good work and posted pictures and therefore is now being sued for defamation. Applicant filed a small claims suit for return of funds and owner filed a counterclaim and was sued in district court for the same and for defamation