Case Number: 2018-000428

Couple owns condo that has recently received water damage due to activity of the tenants currently renting in the upstairs condo.  Not only has the water caused damage to the ceiling and walls, but due to the slow time frame of the repairs, mold grew.  Mold developed into client’s home because repairs took so long.  Client has been quoted estimates totaling around $20,000.00 to complete all repairs. The upstairs bathroom sink (upstairs tenant) had overflowed due to being left on for hours.  The water to the condo complex was turned off due to repairs, but the upstairs renter forgot to turn the faucet off, so when water main was turned back on, water flowed for a long time, onto the floor and down to the client’s unit. Client was primarily advised that the homeowners insurance from the owner (not tenant) of the upstairs condo would cover all damages.  Upstairs unit owner then advised that their insurance wouldn’t cover their damage because it was neglect by their tenants.  Upstairs neighbor/tenant didn’t have renter’s insurance which was required.  Clients own their unit but do not have homeowner’s insurance.  Client would like the owner of the house upstairs to cover the costs.  Clients are seeking a little under $20,000.00 in repairs.