Case Number: 2018-001849

Spanish speaking client is age 86 and is disabled. Client is seeking Pro Bono attorney to help regain possession of his property. Client stated he is a victim of real estate fraud by adverse parties.

According to client,  the adverse party was a friend whom he had known for about 15 years. Client made arrangements with adverse party to provide care of his property while client made a trip overseas for medical treatment. Before leaving client signed a power of attorney. Client does not recall which type of power of attorney was signed. When client returned, he was placed in a senior living home. Client asked adverse party about the status of his home, and was informed that the property was no longer his and was removed from title, and all of client personal items inside the property were sold or thrown out. Client was also informed that adverse party is renting out property. Client also stated that the signatures on the Quitclaim Deed relating to his home are not his, which could have been done by adverse party using a power of attorney.

Case Number: 2018-006636

Spanish speaking client signed a 1 year lease w/adverse party in 2016. After a few months, client purchased another home and surrendered the keys to landlord and left the property w/out giving the Property Manager written notification. Months later, she was served w/ complaint and answered it. The adverse party made an offer of judgment, but client did not accept it. Adverse party is seeking a punitive early termination fee plus damages and rent owed. Client wants assistance resisting the excessive early termination fee.

Case Number: 2018-007520

Client seeks assistance in pursuing damages from her ex-boyfriend. She would like to recover money she invested in remodeling a home since 2015 with him. She has invoices, receipts and bank statements  to prove her portion of the remodel to the property. Client’s only income is food stamps. Client and ex-boyfriend bought a property in 2015. Client was not on the deed or the mortgage, only boyfriend. They have 3 kids together. They occupied the home and they remodeled the property and client invested substantial money. Ex-boyfriend then sold the house unexpectedly and kicked client out w/ their 3 children. Client quit her job to start a family with her boyfriend. Client was forced to move herself and her 3 children in with her mother because she’s struggling.

Case Number: 2019-000303

Client and adverse party got divorced in 2015 in NV. Client says there was no mention of the house and that both were on title. Apparently there was an agreement between client and ex-husband that ex-husband would sign over house. Client later found that ex-husband forged her signature to quitclaim the house to himself. Then he sold the house and kept the proceeds.

Case Number: 2019-000963

Type of case: Debt & Other Title of Property
Spanish speaking, father with 6 minor children at home, seeks help with representation in a District Court case after being served with a Complaint on or about January 30, 2019. Plaintiff is suing for violations of Clark County, Nevada-Code of Ordinances 9.04.240, Unjust Enrichment, and Foreclosure of Liens. Plaintiff also seeks substantial damages for non-payment of garbage collection fees. On Christmas Eve 2014, client was hit by a vehicle. The driver was his current girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. The individual was charged with attempted man slaughter. Client did not receive any insurance compensation after the criminal case, because it was an intentional act. The injuries client sustained kept him out of work for a few years. However, he has recently returned to work. Client is concerned about losing his property. He would like an attorney to help negotiate a repayment plan and assist with the District Court case.