Case Number: 2018-001849

Spanish speaking client is age 86 and is disabled. Client is seeking Pro Bono attorney to help regain possession of his property. Client stated he is a victim of real estate fraud by adverse parties.

According to client,  the adverse party was a friend whom he had known for about 15 years. Client made arrangements with adverse party to provide care of his property while client made a trip overseas for medical treatment. Before leaving client signed a power of attorney. Client does not recall which type of power of attorney was signed. When client returned, he was placed in a senior living home. Client asked adverse party about the status of his home, and was informed that the property was no longer his and was removed from title, and all of client personal items inside the property were sold or thrown out. Client was also informed that adverse party is renting out property. Client also stated that the signatures on the Quitclaim Deed relating to his home are not his, which could have been done by adverse party using a power of attorney.

Case Number: 2018-003923

Client needs assistance with an ongoing civil matter. Client approached the adverse party, owner of a house for sale, and the adverse party agreed to sell her the home but insisted she use adverse party’s realtor. The realtor represented both the client and adverse party in the sale. The home was inspected by a friend of the adverse party. Client bought the house in May 2018. One month later, client hires a painter but he informs her that she has a severe mold problem. Client then had a water restoration company come out and they stated the wall was positive for mold. Client states adverse party had to have known about the mold because there are new support beams under the bathroom which do not have mold on them. Client has spent almost $10,000 in order to remove the mold. Additionally, while construction was going on, client had to rent a house to live in. Client would like assistance in recovering her damages.

Case Number: 2018-000362

Client is a disabled veteran. In August 2017 she purchased a house and in November her bathroom experienced a sewage back up. Her home warranty company is taking care of the damage, however, it informed her she has black mold and it is a pre-existing condition and therefore will not cover it. Client states this condition was not disclosed to her when she purchased the home. Client seeks a real estate attorney that can look over her documents and offer counsel and advice.

Case Number: 2018-005469

Clients have 3 minor children and own their own home.  The husband is disabled and in a wheelchair.  In 2012, after receiving a personal injury settlement, these clients were finally able to fulfill their dream of buying a home for themselves and their young children. Clients used seller financing for the remaining house price, and were severely overcharged, now the financer has proceeded to foreclosure. Assistance is needed to help these clients with filing an action in District Court to, at the minimum, obtain a comprehensive accounting as well as to stay the foreclosure while the dispute is ongoing. Time is critical as the lender will be able to move forward with selling the property in the next 30 days or so.