Case Number: 2016-005054

Client needs an attorney’s assistance regarding a real estate dispute her father was involved in at time of his death. The client has been caring for her 2 minor siblings since their father’s death in November, 2016. Client’s father signed contract for deed with Real Estate Company in August, 2013. He gave a down payment of $25,000 to purchase condo with total price of $120,000 to be pay in full with monthly payments by September 1, 2018. Father agreed to be responsible for taxes, HOA, liens, trash and sewer but on November 2015, Real Estate Company stated he was delinquent and added $10,436.26 to his principal balance which increased his monthly payments. Real Estate Company later contacted him to cancel contract and have him sign new “leasing” contract. He requested a copy as he was interested in leasing instead of purchasing, but he did not receive a copy. The payments are current and his daughter needs help getting out of this “contract for deed” and getting the $25,000 down payment back. A pro bono probate attorney is assisting client in being appointed as administrator to the father’s estate so she can proceed with this matter.