Case Number: 2017-001396

14 year old boy from Honduras is seeking asylum. He entered the United States on October 17, 2016. At home, the boy enjoyed living with extended family, but faced numerous threats against his life from the Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13). The boy believes the gang targeted him because he is young and a practicing Christian. He needs an experienced immigration attorney for a family petition and consular processing. June 26th at 8:30 a.m.

Case Number: 2017-001041

Family of three seeking asylum: mom, age 29; daughter, age 8; son, age 3, fled Honduras and came to the United States on December 29, 2016. In Honduras, mom was a witness to a car shooting/murder outside the store where she worked. The perpetrator of the crime saw her. She believes him to be a gang member. The client gave her statement to police about what happened. A few months later, she received about four notes with written death threats at her door. The notes said she would get killed if she reported what she saw. She fled Honduras because she fears her and her children will be killed in Honduras. Client is currently in removal proceedings. Children may be candidates for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ).  Next Court Date: Unknown

Case Number: 2018-003340

26 year old Spanish-speaking mom, 6 year old daughter, and 2 year old daughter from Honduras are seeking asylum. They entered the United States on January 31, 2018. The two daughters have different fathers whom still live in Honduras. The daughters may not qualify for SIJ as they still are in contact with their respective fathers. Mother was working at a supermarket when she threw away drugs in the produce section. Members of Gang 18 came looking for their drugs and the mother’s boss sold her to a madam to pay for the drugs. She remained in the brothel for 3 months. She has scars from a client who physically and sexually abused her. She was able to escape the brothel when a client asked her to go to his home. The client kept her for 3 days then let her go. Mother has moved several cities and has not filed a police report because she is afraid and fears being sold back into sex trafficking as the madam is connected to the gang members. Mother is also a victim of domestic violence when she lived with one of her daughter’s father. Client is currently in removal proceedings.

Case Number: 2018-002897

Applicant has children 3, 4, and 12 all living here in Las Vegas. Applicant has been a victim of domestic violence since 2006.  She reported the DV several times, but the perpetrator’s family is involved with the police. Applicant fears that she will get killed if she is returned to her home country.  The perpetrator is the father of her children.  Applicant reported the DV in 2008.  The perpetrator was in jail for 3 days but then he got out.  The DV continued. Applicant was afraid of him because he hit her in front of her children and he threatened to kill her.  She tried to file more police reports, but she was told that she could not because her bruises would heal within 15 days.  On December 2016, the perpetrator was chocking applicant and telling her that he was going to kill her.  He was doing this in front of their children.  When they were arguing, the perpetrator was told applicant that she needed to leave the house or he was going to kill her.  Then, he confessed to her that he has been sexually abusing their 12 year old daughter.  Applicant then questions her daughter about it and her daughter tells her that she had been sexually abused by her father for almost two years.  The perpetrator had threatened his daughter that if she said something he would kill her mother.  Applicant’s daughter was terrified of the perpetrator.  Then, applicant went to the police station to file a police report, but the sheriff there is the perpetrator’s uncle and he told her that he could not do anything about it.  The applicant went to a different city to file a police report.  The perpetrator was arrested and the perpetrator was sentenced to prison in September 2017.  Then, the perpetrator’s family started intimidating applicant.  They told her that she needed to get the perpetrator out of prison. Applicant is afraid that if she is returned, they will kidnap her and kill her. Applicant still has two more children in Mexico.

Case Number: 2017-002025

38 year old mother and 12-year old daughter from Honduras are seeking asylum. They entered the U.S. in August, 2016. They fled Honduras because a gang kidnapped her son who was on a public bus on his way to visit his aunt. The gang believed her son belonged to a rival gang and that he was invading their territory. They got her son off the bus and shot him. Neighbors witnessed the incident and told applicant about it. She didn’t say anything to police out of fear she would get killed for cooperating. She has received death threats from the gang. Client and child were also physically abused by child’s father. He threatened to kill them if they ever return to Honduras. Client is currently in removal proceedings. Child may be candidate for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ).