Case Number: 2019-001021

64 year old Spanish-speaking Venezuelan is pending removal proceedings but seeks to assert an asylum defense. Applicant thinks that she will be killed if she is returned to Venezuela.  She has received death threats against herself and her daughter. She entered the US with a tourist visa and filed an affirmative asylum.  Applicant’s interview notice was lost and she was referred to Immigration Court.  Applicant came to the United States to visit her friend, but given the situation in Venezuela, she decided to stay. Especially since applicant’s daughter started participating in demonstrations against the government.  Applicant’s daughter uploaded photos to Facebook from the demonstration.  Since then, applicant and her daughter started receiving threatening calls. Additionally, applicant states that she had a business in Venezuela (a pharmacy) and a group called “Collectivos” would go to her business to threaten her.  It was a group of about 50 people in motorcycles.  They told her that they were going to kill her because her daughter belong to the opposition party. Due to the death threats, applicant and her daughter had to move to a different city.  She had to close her business.  The threats continued in this other city.  They collective groups would call her to threaten her constantly.  She could not even seek help from law enforcement because law enforcement protects the current government.

Case Number: 2019-001106

Spanish speaking client from El Salvador has an asylum hearing on March 21, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. She has been in the US since October 2018 and is pending removal. She seeks to assert an asylum defense. Upon entry to the US, for 2 months and released under a $12,000 bond after a 2 month journey from El Salvador to the U.S. Ms. Solano was left in the care of her disabled grandmother when she was 9 years old who provided all the basic necessities for her and her sister.  When she was 13 years old her uncle moved in with them and during this time he was hired as a police officer at the local police station and when he took the job things started to change as he took a “Macho” attitude because he was a “man of authority” and he liked things a certain way. He started getting verbally aggressive and treated them as maids and started getting physical with her grandmother (grandmother is his sister).  During the following years they were verbally abused by his authority but it was when she was getting older around 16-17 when she realized she had a specific sexual preference for women but kept it as a secret.  Her uncle noticed how close she was to a girl and made comments about it but it was during once conversation she had with her grandmother when she confessed she is a lesbian that he overheard her and changed towards her. He was more verbally aggressive towards her, started getting physically aggressive towards her by slapping her in the face, hitting her with a bamboo stick for not getting things done around the house as a “woman should do” such as laundry and cleaning. A few years ago he tried to rape her to “make her feel like a woman and what real woman should feel”.  Due to the continuous harassing due to her sexual preference and having no other family members she decided to come to the U.S. where her mom and sister currently live.  Her uncle threated her several times as he was a police and nobody would do anything for her-he could do anything to her and no one would know/care.