Case Number: 2017-999999

Senior who was recently widowed needs assistance with a probate matter. Her husband was involved in a lawsuit at the time of his death. He was being assisted by a pro bono attorney. Client/Wife needs a probate attorney to initiate probate and have her assigned as administrator to husband’s estate so she and the husband’s pro bono attorney can proceed with lawsuit. Decedent’s will designates client/wife as administrator and leaves his estate to her. His estate consists of the mobile home she lives in and a small amount of stock, and personal belongings. The Client, decedent, and decedent’s brother are listed on the mobile home title. Client has some evidence (letter) that brother was willing to release his interest in the home, however she now fears he may try to evict her from the home. Brother lives out of state but already came to the mobile home and took some of decedent’s personal belongings.