Case Number: 2017-005461

Senior with a degenerative neurological disease needs assistance with a probate matter. She was given a temporary payment plan for loan modification however, when it came time to get her permanent loan modification, the servicer couldn’t honor the plan because she is not on the deed to the home. The deed is still in her deceased mother’s name. Her mother passed away in 2012. Decedent has a will and trust which appoints client as administrator and successor trustee. The estate is left to client and her adult brother, as long as he is not abusing drugs or in jail. He is currently living in the home with the client. She states he may be using but she doesn’t want to use his problems against him because he is her caregiver and helps in many ways around the house. She would like both of their names on the home in case something happens to her. She needs an attorney’s advice and assistance to get the deed transferred into their names so she can get the loan modification.

Case Number: 2017-005553

Client needs assistance with probate matter. His wife died 2 years ago from a stroke. She was involved with a class action lawsuit due to adverse effects from medication she was taking. He was recently contacted by the law firm involved in class action and advised he needed to become administrator of his wife’s estate in order to move forward. He needs an attorney to help him be appointed administrator. He states his wife has no other assets for probate. They didn’t own any real property.