Case Number: 2019-001602

Spanish-speaking applicant is seeking support to get land and mobile home under his name. Applicant and family moved into mobile home when his sister, who previously owned the mobile home/land, became disabled. Sister had several strokes and ended up in the hospital. Due to her stroke she sometimes had a difficult time remembering things and several other health issues. In May of 2018 sister received a copy of a quitclaim deed stating she had sold her lot for $10.00. Sister said that was not her signatures and believed that one of her roommates had stolen her personal information and sold the land. Sister was accepted for Pro Bono but she passed away before the attorney was able to file anything. Applicant is still living in the mobile home with his family and would like to clear everything and put the land and mobile home under his name. Applicant has paid all the taxes but refuse vendor will not accept the money because it is not under his name.

Case Number: 2019-004805

Spanish speaking Client is a widow with teenage daughter at home. Client’s husband passed away in 2014; he was the only one on the mortgage and title to their home. He left a will leaving all assets to her. There are no assets other than their house. Client obtained an order appointing her special administrator last year, but she did not know what to do with it, or what is the next step. She needs assistance in filing a Set Aside: Petition to Prove Will and Set Aside Without Administration.  She would like to add herself to title of home and keep making the mortgage payments.