Case Number: 2018-002041

Client and Ex-husband were divorced in 2012.  Terms of divorce included equal division of all debts and house was to be sold.  Client left the house with children and signed a quit claim deed to ex-husband to facilitate sale of the house. Ex-husband then went to finance company for a loan modification which was approved without client’s knowledge since she was no longer on the title.  Loan modification continues to include client in finance agreement. Ex-Husband then died. Client recently became aware that Ex-husband has not paid mortgage for several months.  Client is seeking to have her name removed from the financing since it was done without her knowledge or consent. If Client is unable to have her name removed from mortgage, then she would like assistance with a Pro Bono Attorney to probate Ex-Husband’s estate and transfer title to her adult children.  Client claims there are also multiple liens on the property, utilities, etc.

Case Number: 2017-006836

Client is age 25, currently unemployed. Client is seeking assistance to transfer her late mother’s residence into her own name. According to client, her mother passed away in November 2017. The residence was paid in full. Client’s mother died intestate. Client has no siblings. Client stated the property taxes have not been paid, and she has received a notice from County Treasurer for an amount due. Client is afraid of losing the residence and seeks pro bono assistance to secure the property in her name.