Case Number: 2019-000232

Client is a disabled Veteran who lives on his VA disability. He is seeking assistance with a Probate matter. His mother passed away in 2017. She did not leave a will behind and didn’t have much property left since she quit claimed her home to client before her passing. The only item left is a classic car, approximate value varies between $5k Low Retail – $20k high retail. The title was under client’s mother’s and grandmother’s name. The vehicle is still sitting on client’s property. After mother passed client’s brother  tried to claim the vehicle client  along w/ his  half-brother and adoptive  cousin didn’t agree because brother was not involved in decedent’s life and didn’t care for her even before her passing. Relatives agree that client should keep the vehicle because he was the only one caring for decedent until she passed. After going through disputes about the vehicle that even involved Police, brother told client  he no longer had interest in the vehicle. But, when client  went to the DMV to get information about transferring the title to his name, he was informed that brother had already done that and the title was sent to brother.  Title history shows that brother turned in a bunch of random documents to the DMV including a bill of sale, Affidavit of Transfer of Title, Affidavit for Duplicate title and Application for Expedited Processing. In some of the paperwork he signed decedent’s name. There is a letter from the DMV stating that the title was issued in error and requesting the title to be returned. Client would like us to assist w/ getting the vehicle set aside and buy his brother’s interest in the vehicle.