Case Number: 2020-003059

In Consumer Fraud

Client is 66 years old and is currently battling cancer. She receives social security. On May 11, 2020, she purchased a 2003, Acura from craigslist for $3,600. The car advertisement showed the vehicle having 129k miles. She inspected the vehicle and saw that the inside was in very good condition. She called the insurance company right away to insure the vehicle before she left (seller) house. When she left his house she took it to an auto repair shop. They found that the car had many mechanical problems. Her son then did a Carfax and found that the car actually had over 190k miles. Her son went to the previous, previous owner’s house to ask about the vehicle. They informed the son that they sold the car to client’s seller on April 19, 2020 for $1,700 with 199,320k miles. Client contacted her seller right away and told him that she wanted her money back and she wanted to return the vehicle. He told her no, that he had already spent the money.  This was done within an hour of her leaving his house. They were texting back and forth, but he does not want to return the money. Client is seeking assistance in getting her money back.

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