Case Number: 2020-001999

In Consumer Fraud

Client is seeking PB representation after being served with a complaint on March 9th, by former employer, owner of a taco store. The complaint served on Client alleges civil fraud, civil conspiracy, harassment and extortion. Adverse is also suing three other former employees in the complaint. Adverse is claiming relief for an amount of $15,000.  Client states that Adverse is retaliating after three other employees and himself filed a complaint with the Labor Commissioner Office for unpaid wages. The Labor Commissioner Office found and awarded that Adverse did not pay the wages. A settlement agreement was signed by Adverse with the Labor Commissioner Office on March 5, 2020. The following day on March 6th, OP filed a civil action. Client states that Adverse is making false allegations in the complaint. According to the Settlement, Adverse needs to pay client back wages. The Settlement is signed by the parties.

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