Case Number: 2020-001991

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

Applicant has two minor child and is currently unemployed. She still lives with opposing party. Opposing party hired an attorney to file a divorce with minor children, joint custody, no child support, medical expenses to be equally covered by both parties, community property, community debt, no alimony, and each party to claim one minor child for taxes. Opposing party told applicant that the reason for the divorce is incompatibility and financial reasons. Jurisdiction is not an issue in this case. She is seeking joint legal and physical custody. She states opposing parties working hours will conflict the minors education and health needs. She is seeking child support. Furthermore, she does not agree with opposing parties request to share medical expenses, because of her current unemployment status, but does agree for each party to claim one minor child for taxes every year. She would also like to request half of retirement or pension, but does not know the full extent of the all the accounts. Currently the parties share one joint bank account, but opposing party has other bank accounts.

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