Case Number: 2020-000645

In Family Law (Divorce/Custody)

Client is 70 years old, retired and disabled with a monthly income from social security. She is seeking assistance for her divorce. There are no minors or issues of domestic violence. Client explained that she married opposing party last year. According to client, after they had married the parties never moved in together. But adverse party was quick to ask for money. She claims he abused the love she showed him. He manipulated and scammed her by asking for $15,000 to purchase a car and to open up multiple credit cards under her name. She states he made transactions on the credit cards. The total debt from the credit cards is in the amount about 10k from him. She is currently making the minimum payments, but she cannot afford to continue to make payments. Additionally, she found out that her social security will be reduced, because of the marriage. She states she has paid off her property and has recorded a homestead. She is the only person on title of the property. It is unclear if adverse party truly has assets. But, had claimed to her that he had received a settlement from a personal injury case. She states she knows where he lives but he has stopped answering his phone. She feels the marriage was all a premeditated scam by adverse party from the beginning. She would like Pro Bono assistance to help with the divorce and assist with the debt he caused her to obtain.

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