Case Number: 2019-003608

In Consumer Fraud

This elderly, disabled client raising her two great-grandchildren, is seeking assistance regarding a dispute with her neighbor. In December 2018, client had no heat in the home and was informed by a heat technician that the heater was clogged with bird feces. Client states that the issue is due to her neighbor’s tree hanging over her roof. Client received estimates to have the tree removed and offered to pay for the removal. The neighbor stated she was okay with this plan, but when the tree removal company wanted written authorization, the neighbor informed the client that she could not sign without the approval of her power of attorney. Client is unaware of the type of power of attorney. Client contacted the power of attorney and states the power of attorney wanted the client to sign a legal document agreeing to be responsible for any damages that may result from the tree removal. Client sought assistance from the county for mediation, but the power of attorney would not respond to the mediator’s calls. The client is seeking assistance to resolve this issue because the tree is causing damage to her property and the tree has been evaluated by a pest management company to be a major cause of the bird problem, as well as a potential danger for future damage to the home.

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